My first try at pompoms with pictures

Pompoms are easy and fun to make. I remember making them with my mom when I was a kid, with two cardboard “doughnuts” and yarn. You just had to keep passing yarn through the hole until it was all filled up. Cut along. Tie around. Remove cardboards. Easy.

But recently I’ve seen people doing some pretty impressive things with pompons… and I just HAD to try.

So, I decided to go “pro” and bought a set of 4 pompom makers (These plastic rings):


And here’s my first attempt to make pompoms with pictures.



You can find an excellent video tutorial here:



Following instructions from here.



After what I saw in this video.

It’s really not so difficult… but I still have trouble understanding how the process works. I mean, you construct the image by adding layers of yarn around a plastic ring which is almost two dimensional. But when you cut the yarn around, the pompom opens and then it becomes spherical and the picture is revealed.

It’s kind of magical, right? 🙂

Worst part for my is trimming. I feel so insecure… what if I trim too much? There’s no turning back… So, I think my pompoms lack definition because they need more clipping… But I believe they are not too bad for my first experience.

Next stop: pompoms depicting animals… stay tuned!

One thought on “My first try at pompoms with pictures

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