Crochet neck warmer

Yesss… lots of neck warmers this year, I know… I think this will be the last one, though. In my effort to diminish my yarn stash, I decided to use an odd skein of grey yarn I had around to give a second try to a project I made some years ago.


If you’ve been following for a while, you may remember the Quiviuk Fan Stitch Neck Warmer. It ended up looking good, but I’ve always had the remorse that I misread the pattern and never did the “increasing” part.

So here’s a second try, with the increases… although the final result is shorter than the original pattern, because of the limitation of the yarn to 1 skein.


The original instructions are the same as with the yellow cowl, but here you have the links again:

Pattern by Drops Design HERE.

And it’s also interesting the Crochet and Tatting Wonderland blog, which offers some adjustments.

Protect those necks from the cold!



Spring is coming.

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