Little rug with T-shirt yarn (Stash Busting Project)


We crafters tend to hoard supplies because… well, you never know when you are gonna need them!! But the reality is that we end up with lots of fabric scraps and little balls of yarn that are so small there is practically nothing you can make out of them. So we end up buying new supplies for our new projects, which in turn generates new scraps that add to the pile… and so and so in a never ending cycle. 🙂

Because of that, decluttering the fabric/yarn stash is one of the most common “new year resolutions” for crafters. At least it is one for me… every year. So, if you are in the same situation, keep in tune because I’ll try to focus this year in minimizing my scraps (so I can buy new ones and not feel guilty!) 😉

In the spirit of this resolution, here’s a clever way to get rid of remnants of T-shit yarn. All you need is a piece of cardboard and thread.

I have a love-hate relationship with the t-shirt yarn that was so popular a few years ago. I like it because its’ so easy to work, and you can finish a project in no time, but for me, it only works with big items, like the cat house. I see some people making sleepers, scarfs, purses, etc. and… nah, I don’t like it. The result is too rough, too bulky.

I have scraps of the cat house project I’ve been dying to use, because my yarn storage space is very limited.

So, when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I know I had found an answer to my prayers.

The pictures are quite self explanatory, right? But if you want a video, HERE you have it! Very useful for the part on how to knot the ends before unhooking your piece of work from the cardboard.

TIP: When you pass the thread up and down the cardboard at the beginning, keep it tight, because when you unhook the thread from the cardboard, the whole piece will become al little bit loose.

Here’s a bigger one I made with pink scraps:



It’s easy, it’s fun, it helps get rid of scraps and, more importantly, my cat likes them! 🙂



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