This too shall pass solar print

this too shall pass main

I love inspirational quotes. They are quick and easy pieces of cheap philosophy, ok…, but that doesn’t mean they are not true. And sometimes we all need to be remembered about the important things in life, no matter if the message comes from the mouth of a Nobel prize, an Instagram post, or a sentence in a mug.

I like some of the classic ones, like: “Do more of what makes you happy”, “If nothing ever changed there’d be no butterflies”, “Put your shit together”… but my all time favorite is THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

According to Wikipedia, this sentence has a lot of history. It would allegedly be a medieval Persian saying…

Whether this origin is real or not, we’ll probably never know. But no one can deny the sentence IS true.

If you are in the southern hemisphere you’ll be in summer, so perfect time to try this solar print technique if you haven’t done it already. If not…, just wait for a sunny day!

I had the chance to try it some weeks ago when we still had some warm sunny days here in Spain, and I can’t wait for next summer to keep on experimenting.

You need light-sensible paper, or solar print paper. It’s easier to find that I thought, for instance on Amazon.

Is mess free guaranteed, so, perfect to do with kids. BUT! If you have attention whore pets, though, try to keep them away from the paper to avoid scenes like this:


This technique looks great with plants and elements from mother nature. But be ready to accept a reasonable margin of “defects” or unexpected results. It is the Sun painting after all! 🙂

planta 1

planta 2

So, back to the title of the post, this is a quick step by step explanation of how I did the quote printing:

I found the sentence in Pinterest in a font I liked and I just copied it in a piece of paper and decorated it a little with some flowers around.


Then, I traced it on a transparent plastic with a permanent marker.

Place the plastic on top of the solar print paper and leave it in the sun until the paper changes from blue to almost white. 2 or 3 minutes will do.



Take it away from the sun and rinse the paper with water for a few more minutes. It’ll start to recover its blue color.


Let dry flat in top of a towel, or kitchen paper.


When it’s completely dry, it’ll turn a beautiful dark intense blue.


this too shall pass main

Let’s start the new year with lots of positive thoughts!

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