No sewing patchwork hot air balloon


Many years ago I came across this video and I thought it was a genius idea! Now I’ve finally had the opportunity to make one for my new little cousin.

The video is in Spanish, but I think it’s so visual that it’s easy to follow even if you don’t understand the audio. So I guess I don’t need to do a step by step explanation.

But things happen, third party videos get erased, etc. so I took some pictures of the process to share with you.

For the upper part of the ballon you’ll need a porex sphere, a box cutter and fabric scraps.

Start by drawing the shapes you want your ballon to have.



TIP: To make the divisions exact, measure the perimeter of your sphere (mine was 25 cm) and divide into the number of section you want (I made eight). This will give you the size if each section (3,1 cm in my case). Mark along the perimeter and draw a line to the top of the ball. If you do it correctly, and you are making an even number of sections, lines should go straight to the oposite side of your sphere dividing it perfectly.

Go over the pencil lines with a box cutter or a knife. Make the cuts at least 5 mm. deep.


Cut scraps of fabric slightly larger than the section you want to cover. Helped by a knife, fix the fabric in each section by introducing the edges between the incisions you made before. Cut out with sharp scissors the excess.


(do you like my pijama pants?)



For the weight sachets, I made little bags with a scrap of white fabric, just by sewing along the edges. Then, I filled them with small stones I had from a previous craft, and closed them with a little piece of cord.

For the basket, I just crocheted it with blue twine.

And this is how it looks once its finished!

I hope you like it!


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