Reversible neck warmer with snaps

I promised more crafts with snaps, so here’s an easy and quick craft to use them. This neck warmer is a perfect complement for winter and makes a perfect DIY gift too.


All you need is two pieces of fabric, snaps and thread.

So… you basically sew both pieces together right sides facing, leaving a gap to turn inside out, close the gap, apply the snaps and you are done! 🙂


Measures will depend on how tall and wide you like it to be. But as a guidance, my fabrics were 64 cm long x 25 cm tall. I was using scraps from an old tartan skirt, so I had to join 3 pieces to achieve the length. That’s why you can see some funny things going on with the tartan. The black fabric is a scrap of fleece.  Cutting the fabrics straight is always the worst part for me! I hate it! 😦


Sew around and leave a gap to turn




Turn inside out



Topstitch all around



Try it on, measure where you want your snaps.

Tip to know where to punch your second snap: paint with a little bit of chalk the bottom of your snap and pretend you close it. There you have the mark. Just punch in the center.


Et voilà


Play with the color of the snaps in each side to make it more interesting. And that’s all! You’ll have a new cool complement in no time!

BBNN_punkneck_10 copia


3 thoughts on “Reversible neck warmer with snaps

  1. This is an awesome idea… Another project to add to my “Need To Make” list… These would make awesome Christmas Gifts… Thank you for sharing…

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