Bandana bib


I’m surrounded by babies! It must be that time of the year… 🙄 Anyway, as you know, I’m always happy to have an excuse to craft something new, so new babies means new presents to make.

These bandana bibs are quite easy and quick to make. They are not for eating time, but more as a fashion accessory and for the occasional drooling.


There are lots of patterns out there, from the ones that are just a triangle tied with a knot, to super elaborated ones…

I got a little bit obsessed and spent weeks looking around for the best pattern and even tried some, and at last I decided this one from the White & Bright blog is the one that worked best for me.

It’s all very well explained there, so I’m just going to comment on what I did differently.

When I tried the pattern as it is, my bibs looked too baggy.

I think the fabric was not the best choice, because it was too stiff. I found out that it works better with the kind of cotton fabric from a t-shirt, or thin fleece like the one you’ll use for a little blanket.

However, just in case, I decided to reduce the pattern by folding it to make it less baggy. You can see there in the red and blue lines the two modification I made.


Also, the pattern indicates two pleats in the upper border. I tried a normal pleat in the pink and gray bibs, and then a box pleat in the maroon one. I think it looks better with the box pleat.

And this was the result.


Well, the corners could be neater… I know… but this is one unresolved matter between my machine and me… :/

If this is for a gift, you can make a little drawstring bag with lining in no time to present it better. If you don’t know how, just click here!


Happy drooling, my babies!

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