Scratch Paper Art: Feathers on a Wall

Hi there! I’m back with another scratch paper project, which I just learn the correct name for this technique is “sgraffito”. The truth is I made this BEFORE the Beauty and the Best stained glass thing, and it was a very useful way to learn the technique and see all the possibilities this color paper could offer.

BBNN_feathers 1

I started drawing these feathers totally free style, experimenting different patterns in each segment.

By the second feather, I was a little bit frustrated because the colors were quite dark. I wanted a bright orange, or a yellow… So I did this little trick of scratching a tiny line along one of the edges to see where each color was hidden.

BBNN_feathers 2

I had to force it a little but I got my yellow in the end 🙂


feather close up

Then, all I needed were some nice threads and a stick. Luckily, I had this little dry branch I picked up from the ground in a trip to Formentera some months ago and brought home because, some how, I knew I’ll be making something with it someday.

BBNN_feathers 5

Alternatively, you can make a homemade version of scratch paper with wax crayons. But it has to be the kind of crayon that is very soft and greasy, like the ones by Manley. I’m not sure it’ll work with the average Crayola crayon for kids.


All you have to do is cover all the paper with different color combinations and then paint it all over with the black crayon (now you can see why in my box the black one is more used than the others). Good thing: you can choose which color goes where. Bad thing: it’s kind of messy and the outcome is less professional since it’s practically impossible to achieve a smooth opaque black layer. And you’’l have to varnish your drawing or frame it or protect it somehow, because it’ll stain every time you touch it.

There is also a second alternative, between the shabby crayons and the pro paper. It’s a paint that is meant to be scratched (see plastic container in the picture above). I don’t know if it has a specific name. All the label says is “Tempera (aka. gouache) to scratch”. I found it in a shop of basic school supplies for kids, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find. The label doesn’t say how to use it, but I found out that it works best if you paint the colors below with wax crayons (as before) but then, instead of using your black crayon, you apply a THIN coat of this paint with a brush, let it dry, and it’s ready to be scratched. I feel there are more possibilities with this paint…, maybe over glass? or a mirror? But I really don’t know.

But that is something we’ll have to find out in another moment.


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