Celebrate the new Beauty and the Beast movie with this scratch paper art


I’m very excited with the new Beauty and the Beast live action Disney movie and, to celebrate it, I made this piece with scratch paper copying one of the stained glass scenes from the original animated movie.

If someone doesn’t know what scratch paper is, it’s this paper that has a mat black layer on top and different colors underneath, that appear when you scratch the surface. There’s also some papers with glitter effect, or metallic effect instead.

At Amazon you can find different types and even kits.

It’s not difficult, but it certainly takes patience.

In this case, I printed an image of the scene and traced it to the scratch paper very carefully not to scratch it unwillingly when tracing. You only want to define the areas you are going to scratch later.


And scratch…


And scratch…


And scratch…



‘Till you’ve scratched away all the black parts because, in this case too, beauty is found within 🙂


TIP: You are not supposed to know the color that is going to be revealed in each part of the paper, and that’s part of the fun of it, but if you want to know it in order to better plan you design, you can scratch a thin line in one of the edges and it’ll give you a guide of which color is where.


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