Crochet “Octopuses for Preemies” Frenzy


One can say many things about the crocheter community, but no one can say crocheters are not committed. Every time there’s a cause when someone asks for crocheted stuff, crocheters are there to flood the world with yarn, no matter if it’s to help the refugees, the penguins or the homeless. All it takes is a quick look at the Crochet Guild of America’s webpage to see a glimpse of all the charity projects they work on.

But every now and then, some cause gets viral and suddenly everyone (EVERYONE) is crocheting octopuses for premature born babies.

Although this is a project that started many years ago in Denmark, it has recently been implemented in other countries like UK, France & Belgium, Poland, Austria, Canada, USA and Spain (and another group in Spain, because that’s the way we are) always through very dedicated volunteers and nonprofit groups.

I was asked to join the initiative and I couldn’t say no. Because despite some times I can be quite cynic and distrustful of human race in general, HOW CAN YOU REFUSE TO HELP A BABY? Especially when I already did that thing of knitting jumpers for penguins… I mean, what kind of person helps penguins and refuses to help babies of their own species?? RIGHT?? You tell me…

So, here’s my contribution to the cause.


And, IF BY ANY CHANCE you haven’t heard of the initiative anywhere else and want to contribute, in the links above of each country you can find tons of information, patterns, instructions, etc.


More octopuses crocheted by other volunteers at Lanas la Marieta yarn shop

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