Heart Shape / Leaf Shape Knitted Scarf

Winter winter… Today I bring you a knitted pattern that is a classic in my family. Every one we’ve ever cared about (specially old women) has received (or will receive in a near future) a scarf made with this pattern.


Although it’s made mainly with garter stitch (all stitches are a knit), I’d say it’s an intermediate level project because it involves increasing, decreasing and separating stitches.

Pattern may vary a lot depending on the thickness of the yarn, so I’m going you give you just some indications so you can adapt it to any case.

We start the scarf from one of the tips, casting on JUST ONE stitch. Turn. Make an increase. Knit the 2 stitches. Turn. Make an increase. Knit the three stitches… and so on. Keep increasing 1 stitch at the beginning of each row until you have your desired width for the scarf. It can be as wide as you want. Just make sure you end up with an even number of stitches. In my case, to give you a reference, I ended up with 52 stitches, working with 3.5 mm needles.


Now the “fun” part 😉

Take one of those giant safety pins. Slip the first stitch to the knitting needle, and the second stitch to the safety pin. The third stitch to the needle, the forth to the pin… and go on VERY CAREFULLY not to miss any stitch. You’ll end up with something like this:


Leave the stitches in the safety pin for a while and start knitting only the stitches you have in your needle. IT’S POSSIBLE that you have the strain of the yarn in the wrong side of your work. If that’s the case, slip the stitches to the other needle and you’ll be able to star knitting. (Alternatively, you can make a knot, cut, and join the yarn into the other side).

These following rows should be made with elastic stitch, also called ribbing (1 knit, 1 purl). Make as many rows as you need until you have more or less a square. Take note of the number of rows you make, so you can make the same number for the other side.


Slip the stitches you have in your needle to another safety pin, and recover the ones you left behind by slipping them to the needle. Join the yarn and start working this side with elastic stitch as you did before.


Once you reach the same number of rows, you need to recover all the stitches. In order to do that, slip to your free needle one stitch from the pin, one from the needle, one from the pin, one from the needle… until you end up with all the stitches in the needle. This is a tedious part. I hate it. But it’s necessary.


Now you can start knitting with your garter stitch again. Keep knitting until the scarf is long enough to be wrapped around the neck comfortably.

Then it’s time to do the other gap, same way we did before (separate half of the stitches, work one side with elastic stitch, work the other side and join until you have your 52 stitches (or whatever your number is) again in one needle.

To create the final leaf, petal, heart, whatever you want to call it, we follow the same reasoning as in the beginning, but DECREASING 1 at the beginning of each row. There are different ways of joining two stitches in one. I choose the easy version of just working the first two stitches together.

Keep decreasing until you have just 1 stitch left. Close.

That’s all.


If you put it straight it looks like a giant sausage…


But it looks much better when you wear it! 🙂


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