Amigurumi Spock Pattern DIY

I must admit I’ve never watched an episode of Star Trek. I did watch a movie, some years ago, the reboot they made with that guy who was the villain on Heroes, and I remember it bored me a lot. But my cousin just became father, and he’s been a huge fan of the series since… forever, so I thought he would appreciate that her daughter had a little Spock doll to play with.



















I looked for a crochet pattern but I really couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, and since I’m so bad at following instructions anyway, I just decided to create my own.

It’s baby proof, meaning all the pieces that could be crocheted together are done that way, and the parts that couldn’t, they are thoroughly sewn so they can’t pose a chocking hazard. Also as you can see, I stitched the eyes, instead of using safety eyes.  (Ok, I guess they are called SAFETY eyes for a reason… but I just thought it wasn’t worth taking the risk. Babies are strong… sometimes).

One cool thing I tried for the first time in this project is the invisible decrease. If you don’t know what that is, I recommend you this video where you can see how it works. And the results are great. It really gives a smoother look than the regular decrease.

I was inventing the pattern on the go, and I had some yarn limitations, because my yarn stash is too big right now for my tiny apartment and I wanted to make this project using only leftovers.

Since I was improvising, I almost didn’t take any picture of the process… except for this one…


But if you like it and you feel like making one for yourself, I leave you the written instructions here.

May the Force be with…. (no, wait, this is from another space saga…)

Well, whatever they say in Star Trek is fine 🙂


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