QCC (Quick Christmas Craft): felt embroidered decorations

Here’s a Christmas project that can be done in less than an hour and with very few supplies. All you need is felt, thread an your imagination.


Cut out some christmasy shapes like hearts, stars, Christmas trees, socks, etc. from a piece of felt. Make 2 of each.


Use your imagination to embroider Christmas designs onto one of the shapes. Don’t be discouraged if “embroider” sounds too fancy for you. In fact, it’s just like drawing with your needle.

Try this easy stitches:

The back stitch

The blanket stitch

The French knot


Join the two identical pieces together using blanket stitch.


Et voilà.


You can make different designs or just repeat a shape you like. Make just one to decorate a present, or make many and join them to form a garland. I stitched mine to a strip of red ribbon so I could hang them on the wall.



I also added a sleigh bell at the end, just because. And that’s all. Possibilities are endless!

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