Reversible Dark Knight Scarf

Autumn is here and you should start working on your Christmas projects if you don’t want to find yourself finishing your scarves and sweaters in Spring! (True story, happened to me last year…)

Now I’m proud to show you this project that took me several months to finish: the reversible Dark Knight scarf!


It’s made with double knitting, with thin wool and 2.5 mm needles. (= a pain in the ass.)

Double knitting (or reversible knitting) is a great technique to “draw” motifs in your knitted projects. It gives a very professional finishing because you have two right sides and no reverse side. As if you had made two scarfs and had sewn them together. It’s not difficult per se… but it definitely requires tons of concentration and patience – not my strongest features by the way…



The basic rules of double knitting are :

1- Every knit stitch is followed by a purl stitch in the oposite color.

2- Every row starts with a knit stitch.

3- When you knit, both strands of yarn have to be in the back of the needle; when you purl, both strands of yarn have to be in front of the needle.

4- Twist yarns at the beginning of each row.

5- At the end of each row, slip the last two stitches (one knit wise, the other purl wise)

Here it is a magnificent video tutorial by LoTekMa’s channel much more easy to understand.

For the cast on, there is also an “invisible” way to do it, so the colors are not mixed. I personally think it’s not worth the trouble, but it’s an option. I’m perfectly happy with my mixed cast on stitches.


Once you’ve decided which image you want to knit, trace it in a squared piece of paper. This will give you an idea of how many stitches you need to complete your design. In my case, for example, I considered there was no way to represent the Batman logo with less than 60 stitches if I wanted it to maintain te proportions of the original image. That’s why I had to choose a very thin yarn. Otherwise, the scarf would have been too wide.

This is the chart I drew:


Now, for the binding off part, there are also two ways of doing it:



I chose the normal way so it matched my mixed cast on.

Et voilà, here’s the scarf Bruce Wayne would wear 🙂



Winter is coming…

Take care of your throats!!!


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