Celebrate Autumn with these felt leaves


Summer is officially gone in the north hemisphere, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can mourn because the days are becoming shorter and the holidays are over, or we can embrace the good things of the Fall: like not being sweaty all the time, resurrecting your scarfs and cardigans from wherever you hid them last spring, using boots again (yei!), enjoying cozy drinks, new episodes of your favorite TV shows, and suddenly you feel like baking, and knitting, and cuddling again…

So, celebrate the new season with some decor for your home, like this easy felt leaves wall hanging. It’s as simple as (pumpkin) pie!

Draw a leaf shape on a piece of cardboard and use it as a stencil to transfer it a piece of felt.


Make two identical shapes and sew them together, some millimeters inside the line you drew.


Sew also random lines from the middle of the leaf to the edges, to simulate the veins.


Now cut along the pencil line.


Make different leaves in different shapes and colors:


To hang it from the wall, you can pick a fallen twig from the street, and embellish it a little bit (totally optional) wrapping around some pretty yarn.


Then just pass a thread on top of each leaf and tie it with a knot to the twig, and that’s all!


TIP: make the hanging double-purposed by making the reverse of the leaves with green felt. This way you can celebrate Spring too! 🙂


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