Moroccan Stitch Pencil (or Glasses) Case

Best thing about crochet is that you never end learning. As much as you think you know, there is always a new stitch out there waiting to be discovered! Today I want to share with you this little pouch I made to try a newfound stitch: the Moroccan Stitch.


I’ve discovered the stitch in this video by Ahuyama Crochet.

I’ve been following her channel for a while, and she has lots of beautiful projects. Audio is in Spanish, but you can activate the English subtitles. However, the video is so clear I don’t think you’ll need them.

Anyway, you can find English written instructions at Moogly.


To form the case, I just made two identical rectangles, joined the borders by crocheting a row of single crochets all around, turn inside out, and handsewed a zipper.


You can totally do this in one afternoon!




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