Little Monkey Amigurumi

Today I want to share with you this amigurumi I made as a birthday present for my friend Marta. She is Monkey according to the Chinese zodiac. We looked it up some years ago and we found out the description really matched her personality, and we’ve been making jokes about that since.


It’s inspired by this cutie created by All About Ami, a popular blog I really like.

But, in addition to my total inability to follow any pattern, I wanted my monkey to be smaller, since the point was also getting rid of some yarn scraps… so in the end I made it substantially different…


I did follow their idea to use wire to create the structure of the tail and to made the arms bendable. I thought that is a brilliant idea.


I was improvising on the go so I didn’t write anything close to a pattern. But maybe Waldo (‘cause that’s how Marta chose to call him) may inspire you to create you own monkey friend.



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