Easy Drawstring Bag with Lining.

Little bags are one of the easiest things to make with scraps of fabric. I just showed you my Rapunzel inspired easy peasy drawstring bag the other day, so now I’m just going to give you a few variations to hide the seams by adding a lining.


Start the process as if you where about to make 2 separate bags: choose two fabrics, fold them right sides together and sew along the long edges. BUT, leave a little gap on one of the sides of the fabric that is going to be your inner fabric.




Place your “outer bag” inside your “inner bag”, right sides facing.



Sew along the upper edge of the bag, joining the two fabrics. Then, pull you outer bag all the way through the opening.


You’ll end with something like this. Close the gap hand stitching.


Pull the inner fabric inside.


Sew along the upper edge of the bag two parallel seams, according to the width of your string. Then, as we did with the previous bag, use an unstitcher to open a gap in one side and pass the string through. In this case, I’ve used two plastic beads for embellishment and one of those plastic toggle anchors, but this is totally optional.


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