New Neighborhood Vinyl Map

Today I bring you a project we’ve been working of for some weeks: A vinyl map of my new area so we can discover new cool places to eat, shop and visit. Kind of “love my neighborhood” map. Or a “so this new neighborhood is not that bad after all” map. 😉


The idea is quite simple.

We made some screenshots out of Google Maps and reproduced the shape of the blocks with Illustrator.



Then, we measured the space where we wanted to stick it and we scaled the image to the right size. In our case, it was the kitchen door.


(Yeah, this picture is pretty silly… )

With the Silhouette Studio, we transferred it to the Cameo and cut the vinyls. Since our project was big scale, we had to cut it in different parts.


And then, with a lot of patience…, peel them off and stick them in place.



Now, all that’s left to do is fill it with names of places.




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