Crochet Beanie Hat (Quiviuk Adventures part III, season finale)

I couldn’t live with myself knowing I still had a skein left of that super expensive quiviuk yarn in my closet, so I decided to end the accessory set of the neck warmer and the mittens with a beanie.


Although each accessory is made with a different stitch, I think they do look kind of a set because all the stitches are variations of the same shell / fan stitch concept. In my opinion, the stitch looks nicer when it’s opened, like this:


So I guess I could have used a thicker needle for that.

I must say the hat was the most difficult of the three, but is totally doable following the instructions on the video. But I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners though. The video I followed was this one:

I… changed the pattern a little in the last rows. If I hadn’t, it wouldn’t be me 🙂 The thing is I wasn’t very sure if I could make a decent size hat with just one little skein, so when the pattern reaches a point where it starts with a row of single crochets, I kept single crocheting until I run out of yarn, instead of making the little flap for the button in the original pattern.



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