Iris Stitch Mittens (Quiviuk Adventures part II)


After my fan stitch neck warmer, I still had 2 skeins of that quiviuk yarn to spend, so I chose to make a pair of fingerless gloves following this tutorial I found in Youtube:

The mittens looked very cool, and the video is easy and very well explained.
I’ve never heard of the Iris stitch before though, but I think it’s the same as the so called shell stitch.

I had to adapt the pattern a little anyway because my yarn was thiner, so I needed more stitches and more rows to achieve a piece of approximately the same size as the original.


The pattern tells you to work on multiples of 4 + 2, so I started with 36 + 2= 38 stitches.
Then I made 15 rows from bottom to the thumb opening, let 5 fan sets for the thumb (instead of the 3 she leaves because she is using a thicker yarn) and then I made 5 more rows to reach the knuckles. And that’s all!


Best part of the mittens is that they are great stash busters because they use sooo little yarn, and they are also easy and quick to make. Totally doable by beginners in a lazy Sunday afternoon.


I decided to give the whole set (neck warmer + mittens) to my sister in law since she was the initial owner of the skeins. And this is the look of the “set”.


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