Velcro & felt message T-shirt

This t-shirt is something I made like… 12 years ago. (Oh, my!) And I’m proud to say it still fits me… 🙂 The project is ridiculously simple, but the possibilities are endless. All you need is a T-shirt, a piece of velcro, some felt and a permanent marker.


Basically, what I did was sewing two stripes of velcro (the soft part) onto a T-shirt. And then created little squares with the spiky part, glued them to a felt square and write down letters with a permanent marker. I think it’s pretty obvious, but just in case… close up photo:


This is the original message I decided to put in the T-shirt when I made it back in 2003.


But of course you can write anything you want.



You can also create shapes or characters. This would be better for a children’s T-shirt, maybe.


So, I didn’t make all the letters, I made some blank pieces and just wrote the letters I needed based on the message I wanted to display that day.
I was fooling around with the letters I have and I just realized I can write down more things than I knew!

Names of heroes

And names of villains

Names of places


Names of TV puppet shows from the 80’s


And of course, many others than don’t make much sense…



Let you imagination fly. And remember, if you can attach it to a piece of velcro, you can wear it! 😉


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