Alpaca Triangle Stitch Crochet Vest

My mother in law brought me 8 skeins of this suuuper good quality yarn from Italy and I was excited and afraid at the same time, because I wanted to use them but I didn’t want to waste them in something ugly… I thought a jacket or a jersey will be nice, but I’ve never crocheted anything with sleeves… and this yarn didn’t seem the appropriate one to experiment with!


So I ended up designing this kind of sleeveless jersey / vest…

 Classic mirror selfie…

Classic mirror selfie…

I chained 180, joined the ends and started crocheting on the round from the bottom. First row is single crochet and then the whole vest is one row of Triangle stitch, one row of half double crochet (double crochet in UK).

This is a test I made…


The trickiest part was increasing, and I guess I just lost count at some point… or many points… So, it’s not like I can write down a pattern because I just basically improvised…

I was kind of following the size of an actual garment I have until I reached the armpits.


The result was not what I had in mind, but I think it came out pretty well after all considering I was inventing on the go…


My first idea was to leave the sleeves wider… but once I saw them finished, I didn’t like the way they hanged… So I narrowed them.



You can see the “scar” that remained after the sleeve surgery… 😦


And that’s it.



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