Crochet mittens or fingerless gloves

If you are looking for an easy, quick stash-busting crochet project, a pair of mittens is definitely a good option.

After surfing the web for some patterns, I ended up choosing this Youtube video by Cucaditas de Saluta, which is very clear and easy to follow even if you don’t know Spanish:

Mine came out a little different because I didn’t make the decoration stripe and I let the thumb unworked because they were a present for my sister in law. She is an archer and I think she may appreciate total thumb freedom of movement… 🙂

Maya mittens 1

This is a perfect project for when you have just a little skein or a remnant from a larger project.

I made mine with a skein of 50 grams or 100 meters and a 4.5 millimeters hook , and I still have a bunch on meters left! I’ve calculated I could make 3 gloves per skein. And you can totally make a pair of these in an afternoon!

So, no excuses for cold hands anymore! Or necks, or heads, or feet… 😉

And this is Maya using her mittens 🙂

Maya mittens 2

Maya mittens 3


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