Amigurumi fruits and veggies play set

Those of you who follow the blog may have noticed that I’ve been posting some crochet fruits and veggies lately. Well, it all makes sense now that I can show you they are part of a playing set I made for my little cousins so they can pretend they go to the market, or to the garden, or whatever! 🙂


Here the fruits:


And here the veggies (although technically the tomato and the lemon are fruits too, and the mushrooms are fungi…):


The asparagus, the tomato, the carrot, the mushrooms, the apple and the pear are all from this book I showed you before:

tasty crochet cover

For the rest, I made up the patterns. You can find the instructions for the lemon, the green onion, the tangerine, the banana and the potato by clicking on the names.

Then I stamped a cotton drawstring bag with the same technique I showed you before in THIS post.

bolsa 1

bolsa 2

This is a project I made with a lot of love and I think it came out really nice! Don’t you think so?

veggies_3 veggies_4 veggies_6

 Eat healthier 🙂

4 thoughts on “Amigurumi fruits and veggies play set

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  2. How did you make the green onion? I’ve been trying for days and can’t seem to get it right…. Could you help me possibly? Thanks in advance.(:

    • Hi Tara. Thanks for your interest. I sent you an e-mail to your address about it some days ago. I made a new one just for you following the pattern and I think it’s correct. Please refer to the e-mail I sent you for more references, you’ll find an introductory video there to amigurumi that can be helpful to you. Thanks!

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