Felt Raincoat Cat

It’s been a rainy week here so I guess it’s an appropriate weather to share with you this cat-on-a-raincoat plushy I’ve made.


I had this book called One Stitch at a Time around for a while and it was about time to use it. The book is in fact a kit, and it comes with instructions and patters for making 3 toys: cat, dog and rabbit, but the materials included are just for the cat.



The instructions are very clear and easy to follow; although I’m not sure it’s for kids… you have to make very little stitches if you don’t want your thread to show too much when turning the doll inside out… I don’t think it’s meant for kids.





I don’t like making toys because I don’t know what to do with them once they are finished. The coolest part is the fish shaped button. But I’m going to have to unsew it or find out a super strong way to fix it if I’m ever going to give it to a child, because I think this could pose some suffocation risk… and we don’t want that.

Anyway, while I decide what to do with this little fellow, he’s having a good time around the house with his other stuffed friends.


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