Origami cranes

I’ve been making origami cranes for a good cause.


My sister in law is a teacher and she told me that in her school, they were making paper cranes to collaborate with a campaign named “1origami 1euro”. The campaign is promoted by the Mutua General de Catalunya to collect funds for La Marató, which is a fund rising organized by a local TV channel and it’s held once a year, here in Catalonia. Each year there is a theme, always related with medical research, and that’s where the funds go to. This year is centered in cardiovascular diseases. It’s a huge event, and people and companies contribute to raise huge quantities. Last year’s event, for scientific investigation on neurodegenerative illnesses, reached a total of almost 12 million Euros.

This company organizing the campaign will donate 1 euro for each origami crane they receive. So, when my sis asked me if I wanted to help her, I couldn’t say no. This is the web of the campaign, but I’m afraid it’s only in Catalan and Spanish.


There’s a story behind the paper cranes. In Japan, cranes are a symbol of health and prosperity. An old legend says that anyone who makes one thousand cranes will be granted a wish, and it’s mainly associated with recovering from an illness or injury.
The company that’s promoting this campaign now, got the inspiration from the story of a Japanese twelve year old girl suffering from leukemia, who tried to make the one thousand cranes. Sadly, she passed away before she reached her goal, but her friends completed the rest.

If you want to learn how to make an origami crane, just follow this video tutorial. It’s very easy and a good thing to give to wish prosperity and health to your loved ones, maybe in Christmas, on a wedding, on a baby shower, etc.

Nui also made his little contribution to the cause:



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