Crochet Mandarin Orange

Christmas in cooooming… although it’s so hot still in here it doesn’t look like it. But calendars don’t lie, and it’s never too soon for a crafter to start with the Christmas presents when you want to make a lot of handmade things for everyone around.
Anyway, I’m up to something but I can’t tell yet, because it’s a surprise, but it involves some crochet veggies as, for instance, this crochet mandarin orange.


The pattern I made up is very simple. I’m summing it up here, but I’m happy to provide more detailed explanations if someone needs them.

For the orange:

Row 1: Magic ring and 6 sc in it. Join with a slip stitch.
Row 2: 2sc in each sc, all around (12)
Row 3: 1sc in the first sc, 2 in the next (18)
Row 4: 1 sc in the first, 1 sc in the second, 2 in the next(24)
Row 5: 1 sc in the first, 1 sc in the second, 1 sc in the third, 2 sc in the next (30)
Row 6: 1 sc in each of the first 4 stitches, then 2 sc in the next (36)
Rows 7 to 11: 1 sc in each.
Rows 12 and following: start decreasing in the same proportion you increased (that’s to say 4 sc, 2together; 3sc, 2 tog, etc.) Remember to stuff it before you close it!

For the steam:
Chain 5 and then wave in end inside your chain.

For the leaf:
Chain 8. We are going to work in both sides of the chain, fist in one side and then the other. The idea is to increase and then decrease to create this leaf form.
Make a sc in second stitch from the hook.
Then a half double crochet in the next.
Then double crochet.
Then triple.
Then double again.
Then hdc again.
Then sc.
Make a chain to turn and work the other side of the leaf the same way.






4 thoughts on “Crochet Mandarin Orange

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  2. I definitely want to learn to speak crochet and get to know what “Row 5: 1 sc in the first, 1 sc in the second”, means hahaha
    Anyway… Always impressed with your work

    • Hi Mary, thanks for your comment. I don’t have the orange with me anymore, but I think it was about 7.5 cm (about 3 inches) in diameter. The yarn was a scrap I had around… so I don’t know the brand. It’s not very bulky. I’ve put my measuring tape on top of a strand and it measures like 4 mm wide, which my conversor sais it’s 0.157 (or 5/32) inches, if that makes any sense… Thanks!

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