Melted Crayon Pokeball

It’s been a crazy week here in Barcelona and I’ve been super busy with all sorts of things. Finally it’s Sunday and all my plans for the day have been washed away by a tremendous rain that doesn’t seem to want to stop… 😦

But since I have to stay at home, I’m going to share with you one of my recent discoveries: Printing designs onto clothes by melting crayon shavings! I saw THIS in the internet and I thought it was super cool and new! Then I talked about it with a friend and she told me that this is a very old technique and that she did a lot of things with it at school, when she was a child. 😦

Anyway, new or old, I think it’s very clever, so I had to give it a try. I found the perfect occasion two weeks ago when my brother got his first job as a music teacher in a school. I wanted to give him something as a congratulations gift because I’m very happy for him and super proud! He was born in 1992 and he liked Pokemon very much when he was younger, and now he’s old enough to start having that nostalgia feeling for the way the world was “back in the days”, and for that I thought a T-shirt with the image of a pokeball would be cool.


The process in very simple and you can see it summed up in pictures in the original link I’ve mentioned above. Or you can keep reading for a more detailed explanation.

1. Start by deciding your design. It can be an image, a logo, some letters… My advice is to choose something big or simple that doesn’t require high levels of detail.

2. Trace it into paper and cut out the parts that are going to be filled with crayon to create a stencil.


3. If you are lucky and have access to freezer paper, iron your stencil to the garment to fix it. If you are using regular paper, make sure to fix it to the cloth with tape or something.

4. Put some newspaper sheets under the cloth you are going to “print”. In this case, since it’s a T-shirt, insert the newspaper between the front and the back. I also put a piece of baking paper, just in case…


5. Sharpen your crayons and keep the shavings. Break them down a little with your fingers so they become really tiny bits of crayon.


6. Carefully spread the shavings on top of your stencil.



7. Lay a piece of baking / oven paper on top and SUPERCAREFULLY press with your iron. Now, the right temperature for the iron, I don’t know. I was afraid of making a mess if it was too hot, so I started with a low temperature and increased it regularly until I saw the crayon started melting and was fixing to the T-shirt. Instead of moving your iron back and forth, it’s better to let them stay for a few seconds in one place, then lift it and move it to the next section of the design, and so on.


8. Let cool for a few seconds and carefully peel off the stencil. Ta da!


What do you think? It gives a cool graffiti, painted-on-a-wall old look, right?


Now he’s ready to catch them all! 😉


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