Freezer Paper Stencil Painted T-shirt

I’m very excited with this project because it’s the first time I get to use my freezer paper! Internet is full with sites and tuts about all the wonderful uses of freezer paper. The problem is that this kind of paper doesn’t exist in Spain. I’ve tried every kind of wax paper I could find, but they just didn’t work. So, when a friend told me she was going to the USA and if I wanted anything from there, the answer was clear to me: FREEZER PAPER! It cost me many jokes and laughs about how a weird souvenir it was, but I got my gigantic roll of FP after all. And now I have FP for all my lifetime –and probably it’ll be some left to leave as inheritance to my grandchildren 🙂


Anyway, this is a very simple project. I wanted to print some motivational sentence on a pyjama t-shirt and I think “Everyday is pancake day” is a good one. Maybe you have one of those perfect movie-like homes where you eat pancakes every morning, but for me, pancake days are special days. Maybe my birthday, maybe some kind of anniversary… but this sentence reminds me that every day has the potential to be a special day, if you allow it to be. Even rainy winter Mondays could have something good… I guess…

I used this font that is perfect for stencils called mixCutOuts.

Pancake 1

I cut the stencil with the Cameo because that’s what I bought it for… but this letters are very simple so you could also cut them out with a cutter knife or an X-Acto knife. If you are cutting it with the Cameo, put the FP in your cutting mat with the shiny side down and set your blade in 1, because FP is really thin.

Carefully peel the paper, place it on your t-shirt and iron it to fix it.


Use fabric paint and a little sponge to apply the paint.

Let dry completely and remove the stencil.

Iron again to fix the colour and you are done! What do you think? Do you like it?


Thank you, Anna, for taking the time to look for the paper and make room in your suitcase! I wasn’t aware it’ll be sooo big!

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