My first project with the Cameo: the Mindundi’s tote bag

Yesterday, one of my best friends from work left the company and we couldn’t let him go without a farewell present.


I just got a Silhouette Cameo last week, after my boyfriend convinced me to buy it at thirds with him and another friend –so, it’s technically just a third mine–. I must say the machine is awesome and we got this offer that came with a starter kit for fabric painting, so it was perfect for the project I had in mind: the Big Mindundi tote.


Mindundi is the Spanish equivalent to Mr. Nobody. At the office, we like to call ourselves mindundis because we feel that’s what we are: powerless, expendable workers. So, at least, we make fun of it 🙂

The Silhouette fabric kit comes with all you need (except for the fabric) for a project like this.


My boyfriend designed the logo and we traced it using the software that comes with the Cameo.


Put the stencil vinyl in place, press “cut” and watch the magic happen. It’s very cool!
Using a hook or a sharp tool, remove the parts of the image that are going to be painted. This turned to be trickier than we thought.


Then, you have to place a transfer material on top of your image, pressing it on, and then you can peel the transfer, very carefully, which hopefully will have the image stuck on it. Now you can stick this (vinyl + transfer) into the fabric, and peel the transfer again, ideally leaving all the parts of the vinyl stencil ON the fabric, and not on the transfer…


Hey, Mr. Silhouette, I have a message for you. The fact that both the vinyl and the transfer are TRANSPARENT does not help at all!! Think about that…

I must admit I had a moment of panic with all this transfer things, because our image had a lot of tiny parts, and I didn’t want to miss anything important, like an eye, or something that made the picture look funny. We did lose some parts… but luckily they weren’t vital, so the result was pretty good after all.

So, extend the paint around and let dry.



Carefully remove the stencil…



And you are done!

Here there is a pair of pictures of the happy receiver of the bag, from now on a self-employee, whose face has been “discreetly” covered in order to protect his identity.




4 thoughts on “My first project with the Cameo: the Mindundi’s tote bag

  1. I just love reading your explanations. They are so entertaining! And the crafts are awesome too!! Nice job on this one. Hopefully we’ll see more cameo works 🙂

  2. Amazing! The first time I saw the bag I tried to understand how it worked but I couldn’t imagine all this, so I just told myself: don’t try to understand, it’s BuBanana making magic again 🙂

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