Guest crafter: my father


They say abilities are genetically inherited and I think that might be true. Sports skills don’t run in the family, that’s a fact, but no one can deny there’s a certain disposition to craftiness and art flowing through our veins. We don’t have any artist as the artist archetype you can imagine, but more or less all of us do something crafty with our hands: from playing instruments to inventing machines.

I wanted to start a section of guest crafters in the blog to show you a little bit of the art I have around among my family and friends. Mainly the little things, unusual or even weird, that society doesn’t recognize as “art” but that certainly involve a big dose of craftsmanship. And I wanted to start it showing you what my father does.

My father makes industrial fridges and refrigeration systems for a living. He started working when he was a kid, carrying the toolbox for another refrigerator engineer, and he hasn’t stop working since then. He’s humble, hardworking and kind hearted and in his free time he makes little shoes out of olive pits 🙂


We have all models and sizes!


He started doing this during the compulsory military service all men had to serve in Spain when turning 18, until 2001.
What’s more impressive is that he made his own specific tools to carve them. Olive pits are very hard to carve. I’ve tried! Some of the tools he used today are the very same tools he used when he was 18.


Here there is a pair of pictures for you to properly see the size of the pits. The first is a 1Euro coin and the second is a 1Dollar bill. Sorry guys, I don’t have worldwide currency in my pockets to compare with.



Apart from the shoes, he also makes little baskets, which are also pretty cool.


He also makes little things out of copper tube, like bikes and chairs. He really had a “chair phase” some years ago and he was making like a chair a day… I think my mom is really glad that phase passed although she won’t admit it openly…



Recently, he’s been focusing on miniature reproductions of musical instruments, but that’s so cool it deserves a whole new post some day in a near future.

But I couldn’t end this post without showing you this gorgeous wool shawl he made for my mom while he was doing the military service (hum… I see a lot of free time in this military thing…)




Isn’t it cool?? He made the frame himself with wood and nails and then wove all the wool around and made this! How wonderful is that as a gift from a boyfriend, uh? 🙂

We love you, dad.


3 thoughts on “Guest crafter: my father

    • Hi Sindhu, thanks for your comment. He’s a very nervous person in his everyday life, but for some reason he does have patience for this! 🙂

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