Easy and quick paper pom poms

These aren’t as cool as the honeycomb pom poms, but are certainly quicker and easier. So if you need some last minute decorations, you should totally try these:


You will need about 5 to 10 sheets depending on the size. You don’t want to go with a lot of layers unless you want your pom pom to look something more like a cauliflower.


But you probably don’t want that, since tissue paper pom poms are supposed to be fluffy and light…

The process is very straight forward and you can check a step by step tutorial HERE at Lillyella’s blog. This is a blog I just discovered but it seems to have a lot of interesting stuff, from recipes to crafts and more.

In case you prefer a video anyway, I leave you with THIS LINK to another great blog called Ladyland, which, apart from the process, shows a great idea to give it some color effects with spray paint.

Use your pompoms as big-ass decorations for your presents.


Or whatever.



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