Yei, yei, polymer clay!

I had my first contact with polymer clay some months ago. Although it’s a material that’s been around and on trend for quite long, I wasn’t feeling interested on it. However, after seeing the pretty amazing things you can make with it, I decided I had to give it a try!


Keep reading to see what came out and some links to some of the best polymer clay artists in the internet!

After some hours playing with the clay, this is what came out.


The orange cane turned out a little bit shabby… some of the slices look more like basketball balls… but I’m quite happy with the sushis. I glued a little piece of magnet beneath the nigiris and they made a nice present for my friend Rachel’s birthday that was just this week.



And these are the sushis, happy in their new home -Rachel’s fridge:


The other day, my friend Mar came over and we spent some time fooling around with the clay and looking for tutorials and we came out with these:


You can see the size compared with a fork.


And with a head pin.

And now, for the real deal! You can’t miss these links to totally cool creations that make mine look like made with play-douh!

This girl from the Youtube channel SugarCharmShop is, in my opinion, the ultimate polymer clay queen. If this title existed, I’m positive she’ll have it! Her specialty is food reproduction. This links will send you to some of my favorites:

The bacon and eggs!

The popcorn!

The pancakes!

The KFC menu!
Can you believe that even the bucket is made of clay??

The sushi, of course

I could spend that whole night posting links…

But if you are not interested in miniature fake food –possible, yet unlikely- The Polymer Clay Studio! has pretty amazing things too.

Enojy! 🙂

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