Quick and easy paper garland

Last minute decorations? This garland can be made in 15 minutes and all you need is paper, scissors, ruler, cutter, needle and thread.


Just follow these simple steps:

Take a piece of paper. I’ve used a DIN-A4. Divide the total length of the paper by 3 and make a mark in both long edges.


Use a ruler to connect the dots this way:


And then:


Go to your cutting board –which I hope is in better shape than mine- and cut a line just in the center of the paper (where the lines cross) skipping the edges, as in the image below:


Fold in half and cut following the lines.


You’ll get 10 triangles per paper 🙂


Pass a string thought the shortest edge of every triangle alternating colors.


Use orange and black paper to use it for Halloween; blue, red and white for the 4th of July; green for St. Patrick’s, decorate it with messages… use your imagination and enjoy!




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