Super easy paper gift bags

I’m back! I know you were all worried because I didn’t post anything last weekend but you can stop suffering now 😉 I bring you something cool to make up for my abandonment.
This is so unbelievable easy to make that I wonder why I didn’t try it before! It’s quick, fun and full of possibilities! You’ll only need paper and tape.

BBNN_paper bag 0

Take a piece of paper and fold it like I did in the pictures below. Secure with a piece of tape:

BBNN_paper bag 1

BBNN_paper bag 2

BBNN_paper bag 3

This is the basic bag. If you want your bag to have the usual folds to the inside in the sides, just fold the sides as in the picture on the right and crease the folded marks to the inside with your fingers when you open your bag.

BBNN_paper bag 4

You can use large papers to make big bags, or tiny origami papers to make little bags for party favors or small gifts.

Use a hole punch or a thick needle to make some holes in the upper part and add ribbon or lace to close your bags. If your paper is thin, you may want to fold in the upper part a pair of centimeters so the paper doesn’t rip when you tie your ribbon.

BBNN_paper bag 5

If you have kids, you can also make little shopping bags for their toys 🙂

Spidey shops in the duty free

Spidey shops at the duty free

BBNN_paper bag 7

Venom is a picky customer

BBNN_paper bag 6

There’s nothing to be ashamed of

BBNN_paper bag 9

Poor Hide ❤

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