A case for my hooks

My hooks finally have a cosy home to live in! I made this cute pencil case following a tutorial of one of my favourite blogs: the Australian A Spoonful of Sugar. Predictably, the result was a little bit different, due to my innate incapability to follow any pattern. But I’m happy with the result after all. Mainly because there is no way anything made out of this super cool fabric could look bad!


This is a great scrap busting project because you can make it with very little pieces of fabric. The kitten fabric is from Nido de abeja, and it can also be found at Nunoya.


I still don’t know what I did wrong, but I think it may have been something related to converting inches to centimetres. I must have lost / gained some millimetres while rounding off… ^_^U



But don’t let my little mistakes discourage you! If you feel like trying, make sure to check the tutorial at A Spoonful of Sugar.



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