Crochet flower shawl

It’s already March but it’s still pretty chilly around here… I can’t wait for the nice weather to come!  SPRING! I SUMMON THEE! 🙂 The only thing I like about winter is that you get to wear the yarn items you’ve been making during the year like scarves, hats, etc. But apart from that… winter sucks.  Anyway, before the yarn season in over, let’s go with another crochet project: my crochet flower shawl!

This is a shawl I made many years ago with my mom, and it’s easy and fun to make. It’s all made of crochet flowers sewn together. Keep reading after the jump for a tutorial on how to make the flower and more pics.


For this demo I’ve used a contrasting yarn so you can see it better than with the black yarn and a 4 mm hook. I can’t recall what did I use for the flowers shawl, but surely it was a thinner yarn and a smaller hook.

The flowers work in multiples of 7.

Start by chaining 21 and join with a slip stitch to make a circle.


For the first row, start with a single crochet (UK double), then make 3 chains. Insert you hook 3 stitches away from the previous single crochet.


Continue this way all around. You’ll end up with 7 sections.


For the second row, we don’t insert the hook in the stitches but in the space we’ve created in the row before. The sequence goes: 1 single crochet (UK double), 5 double crochet (UK treble), 1 single crochet (UK double) in each section:


Repeat in each section until you complete the row and you are done!


Now you only have to go bananas and crochet a lot of flowers. Sew them together forming a big triangle as large as you want.


These are some failed attempts to take a selfie with the shawl. I prefer to wear it around my neck just like a scarf.





How disturbing…

2 thoughts on “Crochet flower shawl

    • Thanks Jacqulin! I guess that’s the way many people see us, like crazy ladies knitting and crocheting and sewing all the time! 🙂

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