4 needles knitted mittens

The title of this post sounds like a tongue twister:
“I have one knitted mitten knitted with four knitting needles. If I hadn’t knitted the mitten with four knitting needles, it won’t be my four needles knitted mitten.”

Phew! I had a hard time even writing that! 🙂


Yesterday I went to a workshop in one of my favorite shops here in Barcelona: Nido de abeja. The class was about knitting with double point needles. I’d never knitted in the round with that kind of needles so I had to try.

This was the result after 4 hours…


I know, I know. It’s not the best mitten in the world… but providing it was my first experience with that kind of knitting I think it’s not that bad. Yeah… the thumb is a little shorter… because it was lunch time and I wanted to finish it so I skipped some rows… ^_^U

Anyway, I enjoyed the process very much and I spent a lovely morning with very nice people.

Here are some images of the process:

Ready to beggin

Ready to beggin

Casting on

Casting on

knitting in the rooound... rolling in  the deeeeep... :-)

Knitting in the rooound… rolling in the deeeeep… 🙂

separating the stitches for the thumb

Separating the stitches for the thumb

Almost lunch time

Almost lunch time

Another thing I learned is that I was unawarely knitting the English way, as opposed to the Continental way which seems to be the usual one here…

Have a look at this video if you didn’t know the difference either.

I guess I’ll give a shot to the Continental style… at least this way I’ll be able to decide which one I like the most from experience.

Which one do you prefer?

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