Swedish Paper Stars

There’s been too much yarn around here lately, so I think it’s time for a little bit of paper crafts.
Do you feel like learning how to make this wonderful 3D paper stars? They look a little Christmassy in white, but they can make a cute bow for any present if you make them in any other color.



My sister in law gave me for Christmas these paper strips that come with instructions to make what are supposed to be like popular Swedish stars. I also found that others say it’s a German thing… I really don’t know. Let’s just say they are typical of Northern Europe so nobody feels angry or hurt. 🙂


Anyway, the instructions that came with the strips were anything but clear! I tried many times and it was very frustrating, so it became something personal… I HAD to learn how to make them.

Here I let you two videos that will teach you the process. It has many steps and it can be a little bit frustrating at first, but if I could make it, so can you! Just a piece of advice: If your paper is thin, make sure you pull very gently so you don’t tear it!

English video


Spanish video


Be creative and make different things with them. Combine two stars, make a ring, a hairclip, a pendant… the sky is the limit!




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