Crocheted tubular infinity scarf

This Christmas I received as a present 5 skeins of yarn. It was great because they are of a very neutral color (in fact is one of those weird colors that looks completely different depending on the light) and 5 skeins allow you to make big things like jackets, jumpers, etc. So… I spent many days thinking about what could I make out of that yarn, looking for patterns, figuring out the best technique, obsessing…

To knit or not to knit, that’s THE question…


If I’m honest with myself, I would say that now, in this very moment of my life, I prefer crochet. But since I started as a knitter, and I haven’t been knitting for a while… I felt kind of guilty… like if I was betraying my needles or something… Anyway, by the title of the post you must have already guessed that:

  1. I made a scarf (pffff, how original)
  2. I chose crochet.

Well, the thing is I’ve been wanting to make a big BIG scarf for a while… you know, one of those scarves so bulky and comfy that you could wrap around your neck, let your head lay on it and nest there like a hen incubating her eggs.

(My former scarf was alright, but since I had only 2 skeins, it wasn’t as bulky as I would have liked it to be. So, I thought that since I had A LOT of yarn, I could really make one as big as I wanted.)
The yarn wasn’t bulky enough so I decided to use two skeins at a time. It was alright, but the scarf was too solid, it had too much consistency. It wasn’t as fluffy as I had imagined. It was more like those heavy wool blankets you could find in your grandmother’s house. The kind of blanket once you were covered with, forbade you for moving for the rest of the night, Anyway, I found the solution by making a tube-like shape and sewing the edges together, as if it was a gigantic donut.  by the way, you can’t use the word “donut” in Spain; it’s copyrighted. As silly as it sounds, the international franchise everywhere else known as “Dunkin’ Donuts” had to change its name here for “Dunkin’ Coffee”.

Ok, so much for digression…

In case you’ve landed here wanting to know how to make a scarf, let me explain a little bit how I made mine:

I used Katia’s Alaska acrylic and a 10 mm hook.


I started by making a foundation row of 40 double crochets (UK triple). Click in the pink words for a video tutorial on double crochet foundation row by Crochet Geek. Alternatively, you can also chain 40 and then make 40 double crochets. The result will be the same.


Join the two tips with a slip stitch. The reason why I prefer to start with chain + 1 row instead of making the chain, joining the tips and then start crocheting the first row is that with long chains like that, it’s very easy to accidentally flip it when joining the tips and then you’ll end up with a moebius, which is nice as a symbol of the infinite, but it’s not good for a scarf… In the image below you can see round 1 and half of round 2.


Then, basically, you just keep crocheting on the round until you reach the desired length or you run out of yarn. I spent 3 of my 5 skeins in this one. You’ll end up with a very long tube.

Steve here has volunteered to show that it’s indeed hollow inside:


When you think your scarf is long enough, lay it flat, align the edges and close the “donut” by sewing across the edges but not across the layers as in the picture below:


And you are done!


Now I think I could have made it still bigger… 🙂



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