Knitting needles roll case tutorial

This is a Christmas present I’ve made for my mom. She has a few knitting needles but she kept them in a paper bag, so I thought a case could be something useful and nice.

You could also make something similar to store crochet hooks just by making it smaller. Continue reading for more pictures and a little tutorial.


Materials you’ll need:

-Outer fabric
-Inner fabric
-Bias tape
-Lace, ribbon or similar

Start by deciding how tall your case is going to be and how many pairs of needles are you going to fit in. The width of each division will depend on the diameter of your needles. Once you’ve decided how big you want your case to be, cut a piece of the outer fabric, the inner fabric and the batting –not visible in the picture. Cut an extra piece of your outer fabric that is as wide as the rest, but approximately half the height. This will make the compartment where the needles are going to be inserted.


If you are using fusible batting, start by fusing it to the outer fabric.


Cut a strip of both inner and outer fabric that is as long as the width of your case. It doesn’t need to be too tall, just a pair of centimeters. Sew the borders, right sides facing as seen in the image below. Pull inside out like in the picture, iron so it lays flat. If you don’t have any extra fabric, you can also use some other matching scrap you have around or a piece of bias tape, ribbon or similar.


For the “pocket”, sew bias tape along one of the long edges. (If you need tips on how to sew the bias tape, please check my former post Two friends, two bags). Pin this piece and the strip you made before in place with plenty of pins to make sure it doesn’t move.


Draw the parallel lines that will be the compartments for the needles and sew along the lines. You are almost done!


Finish with bias tape all around.


There are different ways to make the corners, but this is how I make them:


Before finishing sewing the bias, remember you need something to tie your case when it’s rolled. Work out how long you need your ribbon to be (it will depend on the size of the needles, if you want to make it go round the case once or twice, etc.).


Finish sewing the bias tape and… TA DA! Now it’s ready to be filled with knitting needles that will surely make lovely knittings!


Thanks for reading!

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