Hard cover notebooks

Christmas is over but the good thing is I can finally upload all the things I’ve been making these days as presents for my love ones like… these fabric hardcover pretty notebooks!! Yeeeii!! I’m not going to lie, they are not easy peasy, and it takes a few days to make them (because there is a lot of gluing and drying) but the effort is definitely worth it because the results are very professional… <- at least that’s what I think. Continue reading for a fantastic video tutorial by Sea Lemon and more pictures!


I work with books and I love pretty fabrics, so it was just a matter of time before I started making fabric covered notebooks.
I had an infatuation with pretty notebooks last summer and I had to make them right then. I started sewing together some colour papers I had at home, and made the covers with some cardboard and pretty wrapping paper. This is what came out.


They don’t look bad after all, but I had a lot of trouble making them. I really didn’t know how to sew the signatures together or how to successfully attach the text block to the covers. I had some gluing problems too because who could imagine the spine doesn’t have to be glued! Anyway, some months later, I did what I should have done in the first place: look for a tutorial in the internet. That’s a piece of advice: let the professionals teach you!
So, after hours and hours of searching, watching, trying and comparing, I decided to follow these tutorials by Sea Lemon. They are super well explained, the videos are crystal clear and she has a nice voice too 🙂

For the text block:


And for the hard case binding:


TIP: If you don’t have a bookpress and you don’t have time or tools to make one like Sea Lemon says, you can use instead a thick book and a pair of clamps. I did and it works fine.

I’m a little bit messy with glue… and I haven’t mastered the corners yet… but I’m pretty happy with the results in general.





3 thoughts on “Hard cover notebooks

  1. I love Sea Lemons tutorials, I’ve made several books using her long stitch tutorial. Her videos are so easy to follow. I love the books that you’ve made, lovely materials.

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