Creative wrapping with paper

Christmas is almost here!!! How did this happen?? I mean, yesterday it was summer and all the sudden…BUM! 2013 is gone. Well, let’s try not to freak out about the fact that we are getting old and time slips through our fingers faster and faster… This time of the year has good things too, like holidays and presents! I have almost every present solved, so now it’s wrapping time! Yuhuuu! Here there are some ideas to wrap you presents in a simple and creative way with things you may have at home.


Making an envelope with paper is an easy way to wrap books, DVDs and other flat things. Next time you make one, what about stitching the sides instead of gluing them with adhesive tape? Plus it’s a good occasion to use the decorative stitches that came with your sewing machine and that you barely use.



How about… when you have to wrap something small and flat like theatre tickets? You can paint a toilet paper cardboard cylinder with some pretty colours, or cover it with some nice paper. Roll the tickets inside and wrap it like a candy.



Matchboxes are also great for little presents like handmade earrings, for example. Just cover it with a nice paper and wrap it with a ribbon! Easy as pie!


Merry Christmas to you all!


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