Double crochet infinity scarf

A pair of months ago, the lovely girl from asked her readers about how often they make things for themselves. I realized almost everything I make ends up as a gift for someone and I don’t really keep much of what I make, apart from little failures that aren’t good enough to be given as presents. BUT, the minute I found myself with these two skeins of yarn, I decided they’ll become something for ME. Plus, they are the same color of the blog! 🙂


The thing is that I ONLY had these two little skeins, so I couldn’t do much. So I decided to go for something easy like a infinity scarf, which is something I’ve made in many occasions for gifts, but never for myself. This is made with double crochet (US speaking), and a 10 mm hook, which is pretty big.

I started with 102 stitches and then went on double crocheting all around, all yarn long…

I’m happy with the results, but I wished I had some more yarn so I could have made some more rows and have the scarf a little bit wider… but it’s Ok. 🙂

One thought on “Double crochet infinity scarf

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