Reuse more, buy less (Some thoughts on consumerism and lots of great links to revamp your clothes)

I’m amazed to see how Spanish shops have tried to import this year the US tradition of Black Friday (<- click the link if you don’t know what Black Friday is.)
Well, it makes sense. If it’s the most profitable day of the year for shops in the USA, there is no reason to think it shouldn’t be the same in other countries. However, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, so the Friday after Thanksgiving is just… a regular Friday… after a regular Thursday. If at least we had imported the whole Thanksgiving thing, I could be right now enjoying a long weekend somewhere eating turkey with my family.


I’m not against buying as a concept, but I don’t feel very happy with the idea of compulsive consumerism. Sometimes, the lines between need and want can be blurry, and the wicked part is that the whole system is made to blur them and make you feel unhappy with what you have. As if planned obsolescence wasn’t bad enough, we also suffer from what’s called perceived obsolescence, meaning we no longer discard items because they are broken. Sometimes we just get rid of them because we don’t fancy them anymore. This is pretty obvious in the fashion and technology industries, where items are so quickly “out of date”.

So, maybe Black Friday could be a good day to slow down for a moment and think about what you have, what you need, and what you want <- and if you want it for a reason or just because other people made you think you want it.

But don’t panic. There’s still hope. I was happy to hear about this initiative the clothing company Patagonia was driving on Black Friday, encouraging its users to repair their clothes instead of buying new ones.

Repairing, reusing and revamping aren’t things to be ashamed of! Giving the garments you don’t use anymore a second chance can be a lot of fun!


I’ll leave you here below a Pinterest page with super cool ideas to experiment with your old clothes, make your garments unique, save some money and last but not least, help preserve the Earth’s natural resources: because the greener garments are the ones that are already made!


Happy revamping!


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