Oval box by Aneela Hoey

I first saw this tutorial like a year ago and I knew immediately I was going to make a bunch of these oval boxes for my family and friends. They are fun and easy to make and they look a little bit more pro than the classic flat zippered pouch. Keep reading after the image for a link to the original tutorial by Aneela Hoey and a different way to sew the interior of the lid.


You can access the original tutorial HERE. It’s very well explained and it has the templates to download.

BUT… If it happens that you are not very good with machine sewing, you may find it difficult to master steps 27 and 33, because they involve collapsing the whole box and sewing only certain layers. I’m not very good with my sewing machine so I started to hate this project because, although I thought I was sewing it right, when I had to turn right side out, I always discovered I’d sewn across some layer or some part I shouldn’t have. And I hate unstitching…


So I figured out this alternative way to compete the oval box. It seems way more complicated at first, but it works better for me. It’s all the same as Aneela’s up to step 21. At that point, your creation will look like this:


Step 22:

Create a cardboard template for the lid a little bit smaller than the template you used to cut your fabrics. Then, gather the lining of the lid (in my case the orange fabric) around the cardboard template by basting and pulling the thread. (I don’t know if there is an English name for this technique… Please let me know in the comments if you know how it’s called! :-)). Press it with your iron so it keeps the shape.


Step 23:

Sew in place using invisible stitches. Leave a gap and remove the cardboard template. Keep sewing to close the opening.



Step 24:

Separate the lining and the outer fabric by pulling the lining upwards. Now you can sew the bottom of both outer fabric and lining. IMPORTANT: leave a gap when you sew the lining so you can turn the pouch right side out.


Step 25:

Turn right side out and close the opening with invisible stitches.

Now you are done! BBNNpouch8


3 thoughts on “Oval box by Aneela Hoey

    • Thanks a lot, pixie! just passed by your blog and there are some pretty good ideas in there! I shall look at them more carefully soon 🙂

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