Halloween decorations 2: Paper pom-poms!

Do you want an easy craft that can be made in less than an hour and it takes only tissue paper and some other materials everyone has at home? Then you are ready to make these paper pom-poms! Make them orange, purple or black for Halloween, green for St. Patrick’s, white for a wedding or multicoloured for a party! The possibilities are infinite.


I saw these honeycomb pom-poms at Mr. Printables’ blog and I had to try them right away. The materials are very common and the only thing you may need to buy is the tissue paper, in case you don’t have at home. If you feel like making some, check out their wonderful tutorial HERE.

The instructions are very clear so I really don’t have anything to add. I must say, though, that although gluing layers and layers of paper can be a little bit boring, the result is worth the effort. The instructions say you need between 40 and 50 layers of paper, and you DO. When I made the first pom-pom I was so anxious to finish it and see the results that I glued only 20 layers. I ended up with a super nice… half pom-pom! 😦


But I’ve learnt the lesson.

So you don’t want to be lazy with that.

BBNNpaperpom3Happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Halloween decorations 2: Paper pom-poms!

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