Halloween decorations: fabric pumpkin

Halloween is coming! It’s time to start decorating the house! These pumpkins here are REALLY REALLY EASY to make. You can make different sizes and compose a table centrepiece, hang them around, put them in a wreath for your front door, make them as toys for your pets, whatever.


I was going to write some kind of tutorial with pics and steps, but it’s really so simple and it’s so well explained in the Martha Stewart’s page, that I’d rather leave HERE her link.

It’s important you cut your fabric on the bias because you need it to be elastic. This won’t be necessary though if your fabric is already elastic, like cotton T-shirt fabric, lycra, etc. I’ve used an old T-shirt.

The steam can be made of fabric like in Martha’s case, but you can also use felt, string, or even a real steam from a fruit, or a tiny branch from a tree or a plant. You can stick it to your pumpkin using hot glue.

Needless to say, you can make other fruits with this technique like tomatoes, plums and similar. If you want to add a face, you can simply draw it with a fabric marker.


You can also use your pumpkins as pin cushions. I do. In this case, you would like to insert a donut like piece of cardboard or plastic in the middle when stuffing. This will prevent the needles from piercing and getting buried and lost inside your pincushion and it will save you some painful unexpected pinches 😉



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