Paper weaving

I can’t recall how I ended up watching a video tutorial on paper weaving. Most probably, I was on Youtube looking for something else (probably funny cats, I’m not ashamed) and it just popped up as a related video. What is the connection between cats and paper? Only God and Youtube algorithms know… 🙂
Anyway, the moment I became aware of this technique, I knew I had to try it right away.


People tend to underestimate the possibilities of paper, but for me it is, indeed, one of the best materials ever. You can see amazing things made out of paper at paperphine and Mr.Printables.

But let’s start with something easier… This craft can be done with things everyone has at home:
– cardboard (from a shoe box, cereal box or similar)
– a newspaper
– PVA glue (white glue, school glue or similar)

There are lots of weaving techniques but this one is very easy.
You only need to make sure your initial paper sticks are an odd number. You can see a very clear tutorial by the great Maria Amora here.


TIP1: If you use only the unprinted headers and bottom of the paper sheets, you’ll end up with a completely white basket. Easier to paint with lighter colours or you can just leave it unpainted.


TIP2: The thinner the stick, the better. I used a knitting needle to roll the paper stripes. You can try with different needle sizes.

TIP3: I found it easier to paint it with spray paint than with a brush.

What are you waiting for?

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